The Paris Syndrome – new from Wilkinson House

The Paris Syndrome – new from Wilkinson House

The Paris Syndrome
by John Roman Baker

In his third book for Wilkinson House, John Roman Baker explores one of society’s strongest taboos — the obsessional desire of a father for his son — before turning it on its head to confound the moral judgements of the reader.

Francis has two sons. When one of them disappears in Paris, he returns to the city of his youth to search for him, and once more, the city becomes a place of passion, illusion, frustration and deceit. Francis is desperately in love with his son, but what secret desires are at play in the minds of his two grown-up boys? And how will he cope when he returns with his obsessions to his drab English home town? A dark exploration of illicit desire, madness and paternal responsibility.

“… there in Saint-Séverin I realised how I felt. I wanted to hold him to me, kiss his hands and then his mouth. I wanted to undo all the learning this woman had supposedly taught him and impose upon him a learning of my own. I wanted above all to be his master, both in body and in mind.”

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Title: The Paris Syndrome
Author: John Roman Baker
Publication date: 1st November 2012
Publisher: Wilkinson House
List price: £11.99 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-899713-30-1

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