Brighton Darkness

Brighton Darkness


Brighton Darkness is a collection of 17 stories that mostly relate to the city of Brighton & Hove: a place of dreams for young and old that must somehow always be returned to.

The stories span the decades from the 1950s to the present day and explore the many contradictions and quirks that define the city’s unique character.

Two boys in the 1950s experience a desire that begins in St Ann’s Well Gardens and continues in the back row of the Astoria cinema. An ex-hustler meets a famous male movie star, long since thought to be dead. A birthday party doesn’t quite turn out as planned, but has its own unexpected present of truth. A woman looks back upon her past in Regency Square, which is now almost beyond recognition to her. There is an encounter in the city between two Russians who try to come to terms with the tragic death of a young man they both loved. And snow falls in the city, hiding the unseen darkness beneath.

Gay life in the city runs as a theme through many of the stories, while the author’s experiences of other cities, Amsterdam, Paris and New York add a global context to the book. Another recurrent theme is that of return. The author himself recently returned to the city after 17 years living and working in the Netherlands.

About the author
John Roman Baker is a British poet, playwright and novelist who has lived and written mainly in Paris, Amsterdam and Brighton.

About this edition
This is the printed Paperback edition of BRIGHTON DARKNESS.

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