Bloody Summer

Bloody Summer


BLOODY SUMMER by Robin Newbold is an emotionally gripping thriller set in late ’90s London. It shows how things can go explosively wrong when the powers of desire, repressed sexuality and unrequited love meet.

Adam and Sarah, strong willed, beautiful and impulsive, are two bright young things who are used to getting what they want. Sarah gets it when Mancunian hunk Bill joins their student house-share in Hampstead and becomes her boyfriend. Adam is left to pursue his desires wherever he can – on the heath, at the gym or in the bars and clubs where his perfectly sculpted body and never ending supply of “candy” help him score. But this is neither what Adam really wants, nor all he thinks he deserves. It’s not long before the happy threesome becomes a triangle of betrayal and deceit, of repressed sexuality and unrequited love. Just how far is Adam willing to go and what is he prepared to do to prize Bill away from Sarah? As the end of term approaches, it looks like it’s going to be a bloody summer.

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  1. Rashid H

    This is a fun read and it took me by surprise. i really didn’t see it coming 🙂

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