The Sea and the City

The Sea and the City


THE SEA AND THE CITY by John Roman Baker is a dreamlike novel, rich in symbolic imagery that defies interpretation and demands an open mind from its readers.

The city is a place of polarization. Masculine is set against feminine, strength against weakness, existence against non-existence. A young man enters this world and begins a quest. It is a quest that takes him through streets and squares that morph and change locations. He encounters beings whose forms and natures also change and he is initiated in rituals of extreme sado-masochistic sexuality and violence.

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  1. Richard Smiley

    The Sea and the City is a hallucinogenic fantasy unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I’m sure I didn’t get all the religious and freudian symbolism, but after the first chapter I was hooked and just went with it. There’s extreme sex and plenty of gore, but behind it all there’s an obscure spiritual ideal that is compelling and beautiful. Open your mind!

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