Niv, Erez, Katya and Anush are four young lovers who each experience a sexual awakening that threatens the rigid religious values and social attitudes that surround them. These pressures, the concerns of their families and the course of history itself, mean each must fight for the freedom to find their own way in life and the right to love the one they choose.

In this his first novel, Itamar S.N weaves together parallel stories to reveal tragic secrets and hidden truths. From the rural borderlands of Armenia and Azerbaijan at the time of the First World War, to the buzzing, cosmopolitan art scene of 21st century Tel Aviv, NIV is a story that will intrigue, surprise and inspire.

Itamar S.N is a young Israeli writer, musician and columnist, living in Tel Aviv. At university he read political science and middle-eastern studies, and in his first novel he explores with great sensitivity the personal impact of the sexual, religious and cultural fault lines that exist between the Muslim, Christian and Jewish societies of his region.

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  1. Christopher Brzostowski

    What a truly inspirational book. I highly recommend buying this. It is extremely well written and shares lots of lifes experiences. I really related to the book because I come from a Catholic family and my partner is Jewish so i understand all of the pressures life may bring from family and society. If your into love, religion, history and all the struggles in life, go for it. You will not be disappointed.

  2. NIV (2) – My Kali

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