Nick & Greg

Nick & Greg


Growing up gay in England in the 1950s is no piece of cake, but there’s still some fun to be had for Nick and Greg: two teens who meet one day after school. The town is their playground and they run through its streets, uncover its secrets and discover their passionate desires for each other. In this, the first book in the Nick & Greg series, John Roman Baker gives a frank, witty and authentic portrait of the lives of two boys growing up in a time when gay liberation was just a fairy tale and Oscar Wilde was a name to be feared more than any monster on a cinemascope screen.

About the author
John Roman Baker is a British poet, playwright and novelist who has lived and written mainly in Paris, Amsterdam and Brighton.

About this edition
This is the printed Paperback edition of NICK & GREG.
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The Kindle edition is available exclusively through Amazon.


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