Two new authors for our bookshelf!

Itamar Shafrir Nadjari & Alan David Pritchard - New authors at Wilkinson House

Itamar S.N. (left) & Alan David Pritchard (right)

We’re proud to announce the arrival of two new authors at Wilkinson House – Itamar S.N. & A.D. Pritchard. Both writers were selected as a result of our successful call for submissions in 2011. Their two novels will be published by us soon.

Itamar S.N. is a young Israeli writer whose first novel Niv spans time, religious, and sexual divisions. Parallel stories are interwoven to reveal tragic secrets and hidden truths, in Armenia and Azerbaijan at the time of the First World War and in the bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere of contemporary Tel Aviv.

A.D. Pritchard is a British writer living in China. His book The Pebble Champion is a powerfully authentic coming of age novel that explores a teenager’s grief over the loss of his mother, his emerging self-awareness and wakening sexuality. A moving and inspirational read for young and adult readers alike.

Niv is scheduled for publication in December 2012. The Pebble Champion will follow in the spring 2013. More details will appear soon.


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  1. Declan Smith | June 1, 2012

    Great to see you adding more titles. Can’t wait to read them.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Travers Gour | July 21, 2012

    Because of good writing, I am glad to see such a beautiful thing. Sorry for my bad English. ?

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