Bloody Summer by Robin Newbold
Set in late 90’s London, Bloody Summer is an emotionally gripping thriller about how things can go explosively wrong when the destructive powers of desire, repressed sexuality and unrequited love meet. A triangle of betrayal lies at its heart, but it’s also about the need to be true to oneself. Robin Newbold is a London-based journalist and travel writer, whose work has appeared in the likes of Time Out, the South China Morning Post, and Gay Times.

ISBN 978-1-899713-13-4 £11.99

The Sea and the City by John Roman Baker

A young man enters the cityand begins a quest. The city is a place of polarization. Masculine is set against feminine, strength against weakness, existence against non-existence. His quest that takes him through shifting streets and squares. He encounters beings whose forms and natures also change and he is initiated in rituals of extreme sado-masochistic sexuality and violence.

ISBN 978-1-899713-14-1 £11.99

No Fixed Ground
by John Roman Baker

No Fixed Ground (2nd Edition) Front Cover

ISBN: 9781899713103

Amid the sexual liberation of mid-1970’s England, Nicholas meets Peter and they begin an obsessional relationship that  soon spirals out of control. Nicholas’s story is told from four perspectives. Whose version is to be believed or trusted? Where is the truth in their desires and where the reality? Only one thing is certain: Nicholas is cracking up and sooner or later he will hit the ground.
Between sanity and madness, life and death, reality and unreality, there is No Fixed Ground.

ISBN: 9781899713103 £11.99

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