Meet Nick & Greg! Young, fun and against the law…

The Nick & Greg Books (Part 1) Nick and Greg are two gay teens who meet in the park one day after school. It’s the start of an intense, passionate friendship. Growing up gay in England


Dark and light in a city of dreams Brighton Darkness is a collection of short stories relating to that amorphous place known as the city of Brighton and Hove. The book is by Brighton writer

NEW BOOK: The Vicious Age – Sexuality, Transgression and Redemption in Amsterdam

The Vicious Age Sexuality, Transgression & Redemption John Roman Baker’s new novel explores life, age and risk in Amsterdam. Age remains a taboo subject in gay male culture. Youth and idealised images of beauty rule supreme in

The Pebble Champion – life affirming, coming of age novel

The newest addition to the Wilkinson House catalogue of new gay fiction is now available – THE PEBBLE CHAMPION by A.D. Pritchard. THE PEBBLE CHAMPION is a coming of age novel that captures the social,

G’day Sydney! (and London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York…)

Earlier this month, the Bookshop Darlinghurst. Sydney’s foremost store for LGBT book lovers joined the growing network of independent booksellers stocking books from gay publisher Wilkinson House. Wilkinson House is a relative newcomer to the

Book launch, signing and exhibition – 17:00 Saturday December 1st, 2012, Boekhandel Vrolijk, Amsterdam

Come and meet the authors of our two new books: Niv & The Paris Syndrome & see the stunning male photography of Carl Vanassche in his first Amsterdam exhibition. When: 17:00 Saturday December 1st, 2012 Where:

The Paris Syndrome – new from Wilkinson House

The Paris Syndrome – new from Wilkinson House

In his third book for Wilkinson House, John Roman Baker explores one of society’s strongest taboos — the obsessional desire of a father for his son — before turning it on its head to

Itamar Shafrir Nadjari & Alan David Pritchard - New authors at Wilkinson House

Two new authors for our bookshelf!

We’re proud to announce the arrival of two new authors at Wilkinson House – Itamar S.N. & A.D. Pritchard. Both writers were selected as a result of our successful call for submissions in 2011.

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