• Brighton Darkness

    Brighton Darkness is a collection of 17 stories that mostly relate to the city of Brighton & Hove: a place of dreams for young and old that must somehow always be returned to. The stories

  • Vacuum-Packed

    Fuelled by easy drugs and even easier sex, Vacuum-Packed chronicles the lives of two teenagers struggling to survive in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. Craig, HIV positive and hoping

  • The Vicious Age

    Tim, living in Amsterdam, finds he is suddenly pursued by two very different men. Both come out of the criminal and hard-edged margins of Amsterdam that Tim has for so many years frequented. Klaus

  • The Pebble Champion

    In this life-affirming novel, A.D. Pritchard captures the social, emotional and sexual insecurities of a gay teenager with a fresh voice that avoids sensationalism and stereotypes. Haunted by the death of his mother and the

  • Niv

    Niv, Erez, Katya and Anush are four young lovers who each experience a sexual awakening that threatens the rigid religious values and social attitudes that surround them. These pressures, the concerns of their families

  • The Paris Syndrome

    Francis has two sons. When one of them disappears in Paris, he returns to the city of his youth to search for him, and once more, the city becomes a place of passion, illusion,

  • The Sea and the City

    THE SEA AND THE CITY by John Roman Baker is a dreamlike novel, rich in symbolic imagery that defies interpretation and demands an open mind from its readers. The city is a place of polarization.

  • Bloody Summer

    BLOODY SUMMER by Robin Newbold is an emotionally gripping thriller set in late '90s London. It shows how things can go explosively wrong when the powers of desire, repressed sexuality and unrequited love meet. Adam

  • No Fixed Ground

    NO FIXED GROUND by John Roman Baker is a vivid, hallucinatory novel that explores a young man’s experience of friendship, sex and obsession amid the sexual liberation of mid-1970′s England. Nicholas meets Peter and they

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Dark and light in a city of dreams Brighton Darkness is a collection of short stories relating to that amorphous place known as the city of Brighton and Hove. The book is by Brighton writer John Roman Baker and is published this month in paperback by Wilkinson House. The stories span the decades from the 1950s

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The Paris Syndrome

Fantastic, disturbing and subtly erotic. The direct approach of John Roman Baker's writing drew me in from the start and I was hooked. I knew the book